Importance of Roof Insulation | Perth Insulation

When the cold weather sets in there is nothing better than having a warm home to seek solace in. With the help of your home heating system you can keep yourself warm and snug on the chilliest of days but you might be surprised to know that over half of your heat could be escaping through the walls and roof of your residential retreat.

In an Uninsulated house around 26% of heat is lost through the roof, 33% is lost through the walls, 18% is lost through the windows, 11% is lost through the floor and doors and another 12% is lost due to draughts and essential ventilation.

These figures amount to a substantial amount of heat loss and results in your large heating bills could add up to much more than they need to. With a helping hand from Perth insulation for home you can heat your home for less meaning you save money as well as the environment.

The importance of roof insulation in Perth has increased in the light of imposing environmental issues. The Australian Government is seriously pursuing homeowners and renters. It is trying to encourage everyone to install ceiling insulation and go for roof cavity cleaning. The Australian government is promoting roof insulation in Perth and elsewhere by offering Insulation Rebate Perth. The Endeavour is to benefit up to 420,000 houses in the country.

Why should you install ceiling insulation at home?

When you have means to tap solar energy, why not use them? Besides, installing a Perth insulation system at home would benefit you in numerous ways:

• The Australian government is offering you grant-based packages to implement the energy efficient ceilings.

• It would save you up to $200 per annum by cutting your cooling and heating bills.

• You can save up to $700 per annum by using a solar water heater system.

• The method would reduce the burden on the environment, as you would be utilizing the freely available renewable energy of the sun.

The insulated ceiling will allow you to install a solar hot water system. This would save you about 30 to 35 percent of electricity consumption, which is otherwise consumed by your electrical water heating system. However, the exact savings in terms of Australian dollars would be directly related to factors like:

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