Overview of Perth Insulation

An uninsulated ceiling could mean you are losing up to 35 per cent of the heat from your home, a significant figure when temperatures drop! Installing Roof insulation Perth can militate against this, keeping your home cooler in summer whilst cutting your energy bills. Cost savings will depend on the construction of your home, its location and your lifestyle. Government initiatives, in the form of grants and rebates, to install Perth insulation in homes, are a step toward improving energy efficiency. These are reflected in changes to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) which requires a significant increase in the energy efficiency requirements for any new home built in Australia.

Insulating your home with Roofing insulation Perth helps in reducing green house gas emissions, increase the efficiency of heating/cooling systems in the home, make your home more comfortable throughout the seasons, increase the market value of your home, shield your home from external noise pollution such as traffic and also improve the fire safety of your home by eliminating draughts in the roofing/ceiling.

All insulation materials are rated for their performance by an assigned r-value. This is a measure of its inherent effectiveness at restricting the transfer of heat. This is often determined by the thickness of the product, with a greater r-value signifying greater efficiency. Values range from 1- 4, and are assigned for seasonal performance i.e. winter and summer.

Roofing insulation Perth comes in a variety of materials and applications-:

  • Batts/blankets are manufactured in strips or rolls. They are made from a variety of materials and need to be tightly packed to maximize efficiency. These includes: glass wool/fiberglass, rock wool, natural wool and polyester
  • Boards are typically made of polystyrene, sometimes with a foil surface. These are an effective insulator, though expensive.
  • Cellulose fill is pumped, blown or placed by hand into the ceiling. It needs to be evenly distributed and not compressed to function efficiently.
  • Reflective products typically are made of aluminum foil laminated with glass fiber or foil paper, and need to be kept clean and dust free to be efficient.
  • Soft foam insulation is a versatile application that is poured or sprayed. It adheres well to substrates and carries no health risks.

Perth Insulation is the recognized WA leader in the supply and installation of all commercial and residential insulation needs. We are the builder’s choice for provision of Roof insulation Perth to new homes. Our Cellulosic Fiber Insulation is manufactured to meet all relevant Australian Standards and supported by a national guarantee.

Apart from supplying to project builders, Perth Insulation also has a strong presence in the retail market. We keep thousands of families across Perth in safe, environmentally friendly and non-allergenic comfort zones throughout every season.

All installations are by a highly professional team. Specialist on-site quoting will determine the best, most cost effective and innovative “total solution” to every heating and cooling problem.