Low Emissions Assistance Plan For Renters In Perth Scrapped

News hot off the press of the Rudd Government’s Home Efficiency Stimulus Package has been amended with the new plan three been released as of 1st September 2009. What this means to Perth landlords is that they can now claim up to $1,600 government assistance, this was increased from the previous rebate allowance of up to $1,000.

The reason for this change is that the Low Emissions Assistance Plan For Renters (LEAPR)was being taken up much less than that of the Home Owners Insulation Program (HIP). This was as a result of insulation installers in Perth targeting the higher paying HIP program and not the LEAPR program which assist landlords and tenants.

This comes as good news because now landlords can obtain the benefits of free Perth insulation too with in most cases no out of pocket expense. Perth Insulation is happy to advise that Expert Insulation largely assists real estate investors in insulating their entire property portfolio. Call Perth Insulation today and you will be able to benefit from free insulation in your investment home.