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There are many homeowners who pay special attention when they are remodeling their home on fixtures, carpets, and other visible aspects but it is much smarter to invest some of that cash into insuring that you home has the best insulation possible.

Proper ceiling insulation keeps this generated heat inside the home. Even though your walls, floors, and ceilings should all be equally padded, don’t forget that your roof is also responsible for maintaining temperature control. Like wearing a stocking cap on a cold winter’s day, the top of your house is what holds in the heat. And since heat always rises, it is critical that you have adequate roof insulation in order to keep your energy from escaping.

By adding Perth insulation or Roof insulation to your home, you will be able to save money because your furnace will no longer have to run as often, keeping your energy bills low.

Roof insulation that is made from fiberglass is laid down between the rafters to keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter seasons. The actual thickness of these types of insulation will vary, as does the actual density of the fibers in the material

More than two million homes will receive free ceiling insulation as part of the government’s new economic stimulus package. In addition, the $1,000 ceiling insulation rebate in Perth for rental properties will be increased to $1,600 under new plans to combine the Low Emissions Scheme with the Home Insulation Plan. This was announced as of 1st September 2009 as Perth Insulation Companies were largely targeting home owners chasing the larger insulation rebate amount and forgetting about the large amount of rental properties that are currenly un-insulated in Perth.  The ratio of take up was a staggering 6-1 so a drastic change was in order. We feel this is a suitable solution to the problem.

The government has chosen to focus on insulation as it is typically the most cost-effective residential energy-efficiency improvement. The benefits of perth insulation include additional comfort, up to 40% reductions in heating and cooling bills, and reduced condensation on walls and ceilings, leading to improvements in health.

The Insulation rebate in Perth is designed so that the Installers come and Install the insulation, you sign that it has been completed and the Government pay them. There is no upfront cost, nor any expenses to the homeowner. So to claim your Free Ceiling Insulation visit the experts that are helping thousands of Australians install their free Ceiling Insulation Rebate For Homes.

Even thought the process is easy and simple it will still require the special training that a professional installer has to get the job done right. This job also requires special protective gear because of the chemicals that are being used.

Insulation installers in Perth are required to be registered with the Federal Government for any work to be eligible for the insulation rebate. The Insulation Installer Register is designed to protect you by ensuring that only qualified insulation installers carry out work on your home.

Perth Insulation Experts are fully insured and have broad experience in all methods of housing insulation, feel free to Contact Perth Insulation and speak to one of our friendly consultants today for your free quote for Free Insulation in Perth.