A Perth Family - And Proud of it!

Hi, I'm Michael. Myself, my wife B and our 4 children have made Perth our home for the past 20 years - and we couldn't be more proud of our beautiful state. We've been providing insulation services to families and homes in Perth for the last 15 years. For us, it's not another just another insulation job or house, it's another house we can provide comfort to and make it a home.

Old Insulation Removal

It’s common for a lot of Perth homes to have old, ineffective insulation. If you haven’t looked in the roof cavity of your home – it’s definitely time to check out what’s lurking in your roof space. Old insulation (10+ years) is now ineffective, and isn’t doing much to keep you warmer in the winter and cool in the summer. Couple that with most old insulation poses and health risk. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, boric acid, borax and lead are common in most old insulation products. Don’t put your family at risk; contact us today for a family-friendly solution to your old insulation problem.

Insulation Install

Insulation is your family's doona in the winter, you shade shelter in the summer. Up to 40% of your heat is transferred through your roof, so it's important your insulation not only meets the minimum Australian standards (Minimum R4 rating for Perth), but is going to last and is part of a healthy home. At Affordable Insulation, we only use products that keep families comfy and safe. That's why we recommend only Bradford insulation. It's Australian owned and made, comes with a 70 year warranty and is the only product approved by the Australian Asthma Foundation. Your family deserves the best - and we give it to you at affordable prices.


We can't speak highly enough about whirlybirds. Probably the best "bang-for-your-buck" in terms of home improvement and making your home more comfortable. Think of taking the lid of a boiling pot of water. That's how a whirlybird works. They allow hot air to escape out of your roof space, meaning there is less heat radiating downwards into your home. Whirlybirds also allow moisture to escape your home, meaning there is less risk of mould and mildew build up in your roof and on your ceilings. We only use Australian made Edmonds whirlybirds that come with a 15 year warranty and are colour matched to your roof.

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 We have a couple of ways we can give you a quote. Sometimes we can use Google Earth / Near Maps to measure your home and then over the phone can normally give you a price. Otherwise, we always love coming out and getting to meet our customers, so we are always happy to arrange a site inspection.

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