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Did you know that 40% of your heating and cooling goes through your roof?

At Affordable Insulation, we're all about creating comfortable homes. Insulation is your heat blanket; it keeps you cool in the summer, and keeps your family nice and warm in the winter.

Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation is a material that creates a thermal break between the outside temperature and the internal temperature of your home. Think of ceiling insulation as your "heat shield". As the outside temperature heats up, the insulation traps the hot air that your roof collects and prevents it radiating downwards into your home. In the night and the colder winter months, it's your blanket. The heat in your home cannot escape to the cooler outside temperatures, remaining inside to keep you warm.

What is Ceiling Insulation Made From?

There is a few different types of ceiling insulation available. We've summarised the commonly used materials below, as well as the pros and cons.

Fibreglass Batt Insulation

Pros - Made from recycled materials, long life span, won't hold water/moisture, cheapest material

Cons - Can be a little itchy

Wool Insulation

Pros - natural material, great heat absorbing properties

Cons - natural oils can attract rodents / bugs, holds water, flammable, expensive

Polyester Insulation

Pros - Perth made, soft to touch, VOC free (perfect for allergen sufferers)

Cons - expensive

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How is Insulation Installed?

Unlike traditional insulation businesses, we prefer not to use the manhole and house for insulation installation. It is far safer for both your home and the staff at Affordable Insulation Perth to access the ceiling via the roof. If your home is a tiled home, we would remove 10-15 tiles and create an access point close to where we set up our ladder. If your home is a colorbond roof, it's as simple as a undoing a few screws and sliding over a sheet of tin. Don't worry, we put everything back good as new and there is no risk of damage. With accessing via the roof, we can let in some light and ventilation to make it safe for our staff and your home.