Insulation Rebate Answers

NEWS UPDATE: As of 19/02/2010 The Government Insulation Rebate has been cancelled.

Claim Your $1,200 Federal Government Rebate

Starts July 1st 2009 (Modified 2/11/09)

Australia’s Federal government has recently approved a new initiative to reduce energy consumptions by Aussie Homes with the Homeowner Insulation Program which offers installation of roofing insulation valued up to $1,200. This grant is available to owners as well as landlords of residential property in Australia.

The Homeowner Insulation program targets Perth owners who are currently un-insulated or are found to have ineffective ceiling insulation which generally is any roof insulation that is over 10 years old.

Perth Homeowners are snapping this offer up left right and centre as the total cost of installation is more often than not  less than the provisional $1,200 that is on offer, this means that there is no more for the homeowner (OR YOU) to pay.

For most 4×2 houses in Perth the Insulation rebate will cover the entire cost of your insulation, so we reitterate, NO COST TO YOU!

Do I Qualify For The Rebate?

Perth Homeowners

You are eligible for free ceiling insulation if you:

  • Are the owner and the occupier of the property (or your primary place of residence) of the dwelling &
  • You have the permission from all owners to apply and
  • Don’t currently have roofing insulation or do currently have ceiling insulation that is found to have negligible effectiveness (which is a R value of 0.5 or less)
  • Are considered an Australian citizen and or permanent resident over 18 years,
  • Have not been granted assistance under the solar hot water rebate program since the rebate was introduced.

Full details on the government rebate can be found here for homeowners:


The above plus:

  • Obtain the approval of the body corporate or Strata Company, if applicable

For more information for renters and landlords read the federal government website:

Why choose Perth Insulation Expert Insulation?

  • We are one of Perth’s most respected and trusted insulation installers.
  • We guarantee to only use quality products Australian standards Passed. Click Here to see the insulation types we use.
  • We are an accredited Government approved provider for the Insulation Rebate scheme.
  • Guaranteed that our staff will always be polite, professional and on time.
  • We are Fully Public Liability Insured and Police Passed.
  • Our Perth Insulation Won’t conduct electricity, so there is no danger of live insulation or shorting out wires causing fire
  • Our Perth Insulation will work effectively both in summer and winter
  • Our Perth Insulation is not chemically treated to reduce ignitability
  • Our Perth Insulation makes your home more comfortable
  • Our Perth Insulation is non-corrosive (cannot affect electrical systems)
  • Our insulation in the ceiling can reduce up to 60% of heat gain in summer, and heat loss in winter
  • Our insulation can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 40%
  • By having our insulation in your home it means reduced maintenance costs in any heater or air conditioner
  • If you are insulated it means smaller air conditioners and heating units can be used and running costs reduced
  • Insulating reduces on average the internal temperature in the middle of summer by up to 8°C – 12°C
  • Your homes heating and cooling will be more effective especially in the open plan homes
  • With our insulation your energy cost savings, insulation will not cost you a cent if you qualify under $1,200 under the rebate.
  • Our Perth insulation will not habour vermin like mice and rats.
  • Our Perth insulation fits snugly between ceiling joists

How long does it take to Install?

This really does depend on the size of your home but generally from 1 to 3 hours. Our Perth Insulation Installers work all weekend if need be to suit your schedule. You do not even need to be home for us to install your New Insulation.