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Are you looking to remove old loose fill insulation or old batt insulation from your home?  Are you tired of having a dusty and unhealthy home or just looking to vacuum your roof or attic for storage? Here at Insulation Removal Perth we can carry out all the above and leave your homes roof space feeling clean and fresh free from any nasty paper, formaldehyde foam and old stale batts. Make your home a healthy home and avoid potential health risks by old deteriorated insulations blowing around your indoor air qualtiy. You can view a video on insulation removal perth here.

We have the latest reliable equipment for removal of insulation in perth and will be done in a matter of hours not days. Our commercial Vacuum truck and hoses allow us to remove all Loose fill insulation from your rood. Perth Insulation removal is a specialist job and should be conducted by trained qualified staff to prevent damage to your home and ceilings. We carry out a detailed roof clean that others do not, including dusting of roof beams and joists and a high volume vaccum of your homes room. We remove the old insulation and dispose of off site meaning we offer a complete service. We can also reinstall new insulation to your home after the clean up has occured.

Many people choose to remove loose fill insulation from their roof for many reasons, some can be found below.

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Does Your Roof Look Like This?

Insulation Removal Perth
Insulation Removal Perth

Want It To Look Like This?

Perth Insulation Removal

Perth Insulation Removal

Why Remove Insulation From Your Roof in Perth?

With the increasing costs associated with power used in heating or cooling these days it might come as a surprise that anyone would want old insulation REMOVED from thier home. In fact, there are three excellent, but rarely considered, reasons for insulation removal or replacement.

1. Over Insulation

Having too much insulation in an roof space is sometimes worse than not having enough. Adding heavy amounts of insulation in a roof can drastically restrict the airflow and ventilation of your home. This reduction in air flow can result in moisture issues on the ceilings of your house and, in some cases, even lead to mould problems. If left unchecked, either of these can cause severe health problems for your family especially if a family member suffers from allergies such as asthma.

2. Damaged or Contaminated Insulation

Night Critters that can sometimes find their way in your roof, a leaky roof tile and other dangers can severely damage and even contaminate your insulation. An attic full of rat, mice or possum droppings and urine soaked insulation material are yet other potential causes of serious health hazards for you and your family in your roof. Look up at your ceiling vents, Yes your breathing it in.

In addition, insulation that has been torn to shreds by animals making a comfy bed over the years loses its functionality. Since broken insulation cannot retain heat properly, it is unable to provide the true required benefits it once did and requires replacement.

3. Upgrade Your Insulation

The insulation of today is far superior to the insulation that was sold 15 to 20 years ago. New materials with improved thermal properties are now available to homeowners. In many cases you will realize a dramatic reduction in heating costs simply from upgrading the type of insulation in your roof space. This especially holds true for older homes.

Insulation Removal Process

Removing old insulation from a roof can be a time consuming and challenging project. If there are animal droppings mixed with the insulation you can expose yourself to several different diseases by disturbing the insulation and then inhaling the particles that become airborne. We reccomend proper safety equipment which is a must for anyone working with old, contaminated insulation.

Dragging dirty insulation from your attic through the living space of your home is NOT a safe method of insulation removal in Perth. Using this method will result in a house full of airborne fiberglass particles and all the other contaminants that were in your attic, will you can sit there at night scatching from the glass fibres you just sprayed over your lounge room? Insulation Removal Perth are a professional company that specialize in removing insulation in perth in a safe and effective manner.


You can save money by installing new insulation after you have hired the pros to safely remove the old insulation (so as not to contaminate themselves and the entire house). Once the insulation removal and replacement processes are complete,  you can look forward to lower heating/cooling costs, greater air quality, reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The immediate benefits for your family and the long-term benefits for our environment make insulation removal and replacement a smart move for everybody. Call Insulation Removal Perth today for your free quote.